(Partially) conjugated polymer, process for its preparation...

Electric lamp and discharge devices – With luminescent solid or liquid material

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C252S301160, C252S301350, C252S700000, C313S504000, C428S917000, C528S394000, C528S397000

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A polymer for use in an optical device comprising one or more regions, where each region comprises (i) a first structural unit having general formula I:where m=1 or 2 and which contains at least one substituent selected from the group consisting of alkyl, alkoxy, aryl, aryloxy, heteroaryl, and heteroaryloxy groups, each of which may be further substituted; and (ii) a second structural unit Ar selected from the group consisting of heteroaryl, triarylamine and 2,7-fluorenyl; such that where m=1 each region comprises a unit having general formula II:wherein, the substituent has a molecular weight of less than 300.

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