Optical fiber coating control process

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65 312, 356 731, 356381, 427 10, C03B 3707, C03C 2502




In accordance with the invention, the functions of two TV cameras in the prior art for monitoring polymer coating concentricity and/or carbon coating thickness are accomplished by a single TV camera (48). Rather than being projected onto an opaque dispersive screen, the forward-scattered mode pattern of each of the orthogonal beams (57,58) is transmitted through a translucent screen (52,53) and reflected to an image combining device (67) which transmits both patterns to the single TV camera (48). The two beams are slightly vertically displaced to establish displaced images (72,73) of the two patterns. This allows the two patterns to be viewed simultaneously and distinguished by the TV camera. Modified electronics (FIG. 10) provide for alternate TV scanning of the two images so that a computer (22) can monitor and correct concentricity and/or carbon coating thickness in real time during fiber production.

patent: 4027977 (1977-06-01), Frazee et al.
patent: 4210931 (1980-07-01), Bachman et al.


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