One part woodworking adhesive composition

Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture – Methods – Surface bonding and/or assembly therefor

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C156S332000, C156S330900, C428S500000, C428S507000, C428S511000, C428S514000, C428S515000, C523S201000, C525S064000, C525S066000, C525S070000, C525S078000, C525S080000, C525S242000, C525S243000, C525S244000, C525S300000, C525S302000, C525S902000

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An adhesive composition that includes a) an emulsion that includes a multi-stage polymer that includes a first stage polymer having a Tg from −20° C. to 90° C. and including from about 0.5% by weight to about 3% by weight latent crosslinking monomer based on the first stage monomer weight, and a second stage polymer having a Tg from 40° C. to 140° C., the second stage polymer being different from the first stage polymer, b) formaldehyde-based crosslinking agent, and c) catalyst, the composition being capable of passing the DIN EN 204 Test Method.

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