Microbial purified esterases

Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology – Enzyme – proenzyme; compositions thereof; process for... – Hydrolase


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435136, 435141, 435198, 435280, C12N 918, C12N 920, C12P 4100




A process for the preparation of a pharmaceutically active compound in a stereospecific form of the formula ##STR1## or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or ester thereof, like an alkali metal salt or an alkaline earth metal salt or a pivaloyl ester, wherein R.sub.1 represents an optionally substituted aryl group such as a phenyl or naphthyl group optionally included in a heterocyclic ring system, which is optionally substituted, or represents a heteroaromatic ring system containing in addition to carbon atoms one or more atoms selected from nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen, this ring system being optionally substituted, which comprises subjecting a compound of the formula ##STR2## wherein R.sub.2 is an ester residue and preferably an alkyl group optionally substituted, to the action of a micro-organism having the ability for stereoselective hydrolysis of compound (II) into compound (I), having at least 80% by weight the S-configuration, and if desired converting compound (I) into the pharmaceutically acceptable salt or ester thereof.

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