Lacquer polyisocyanates, process for the production thereof and

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – From reactant having at least one -n=c=x group as well as...


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427 27, 528 68, 528 61, C08G 1880




The present invention relates to lacquer polyisocyanates which contain about 0 to 8% free isocyanate groups, about 10 to 28% blocked isocyanate groups and about 2 to 10% of the structural units, --NH--NH--CO--O, all percentages based on the weight of the polyisocyanates, but excluding the weight of the blocking agent. Also provided is a process for preparing these polyisocyanates which comprises reacting about 10 to 30 mol % of the isocyanate groups of an organic polyisocyanate with reaction products which have (i) alcoholic hydroxyl groups and (ii) structural units of the formula, --O--CO--NH--NH--CO--O--, and/or of the formula H.sub.2 N--NH--CO--O--, with the formation of urethane groups and optionally groups corresponding to the formula, --NH--NH--CO--O--, and reacting about 50 to 90 mol % of the isocyanate groups of the organic polyisocyanate with a blocking agent. The reaction products containing alcoholic hydroxyl groups are obtained by reacting 1 mol of hydrazine or of hydrazine hydrate with about 1 to 2 mols of a cyclic carbonate. A final object of the present invention is the use of the new lacquer polyisocyanates as the isocyanate component in thermosetting, two-component polyurethane lacquers.

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