Immuno-stimulating polysaccharide substance from Phellinus...

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C435S911000, C435S072000, C435S171000, C424S093500

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There is disclosed novelPhellinus linteus Yoo.This mushroom is identified as novel as analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism and by microbiological features. A polysaccharide substance isolated from the fruiting bodies or mycelia the strain and otherPhellinusspp. has an anticancer activity by inciting the cytotoxicity of T-cells and the antibody forming potency of B-cells. Also, the polysaccharide substance shows a potent activity against cancer metastasis. The polysaccharide substance, which can stimulate the immunity of the body, may be effective in the prophylaxis and treatment of immune-related diseases, such as cancers and AIDS, and in the study on the basic mechanism of the diseases.

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