Ferrite/superconductor microwave device

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505211, 505700, 505866, 333161, 333 99S, H01P 119




An apparatus and method are described for gyromagnetic interaction between the electromagnetic field generated by an electromagnetic signal conducted by a superconductor and the magnetization contained in a magnetic structure. A ferrite magnetic structure is disposed in close proximity to a superconductor conducting the electromagnetic signal. A magnetization is induced in the magnetic structure with a geometry such that the magnetic flux is confined within the magnetic structure or eliminated from the magnetic structure so as not to produce an external magnetic field to interfere with the superconducting properties of the superconductor. The electromagnetic field of the signal conducted by the superconductor interacts gyromagnetically with the magnetization of the magnetic structure, inducing a phase shift in the electromagnetic signal traversing the superconductor. Thus, the invention induces a phase shift in the signal with minimum insertion loss due to electrical resistance.

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