Feeder e.g. for soap tablets to wrapping machine

Package making – With means responsive to a sensed condition – Of individual contents or group feed or delivery


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53244, 53251, B65B 6300




A feeder for feeding products, for example soap tablets, to a continuously oving receiving conveyor having a succession of containers includes at least one product pick-up station adjacent the start of the receiving conveyor, a carousel placed between said station and said start, sucker assemblies mounted on the carousel for movement along and rotation around their own vertical axis. The feeder further includes means driving said carousel in an intermittent rotary movement to halt the feeding sucker assemblies above said station and then to move in synchronism with the receiving conveyor, first control means for controlling sliding movements of the assemblies along their axes, means controlling intermittent application of vacuum to the assemblies for picking up products from said station and then releasing them onto containers of the receiving conveyor, second control means for effecting angular movements of the assemblies around their axes to orient the products with the containers.

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