Fabrication of superconducting oxide wires by powder-in-tube met

Superconductor technology: apparatus – material – process – High temperature – per se – Having tc greater than or equal to 150 k


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427 62, 427 63, 29599, 29 33F, 29 33D, 1741251, 505740, H01L 3924, H01B 502




A powder-in-tube method of producing an oxide superconduction wire is disclosed in which a preformed copper oxide superconducting powder is continuously filled into a tube precursor having a U shape cross-section formed from a long strip of metal material. The tube precursor is formed into a tube by bending and welding. The resulting tube is drawn to a reduced cross-section and further heated to sinter the packed powder to form the finished oxide superconducting wire.

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