Fabric holder with complimentary clamping surfaces and method

Textiles: ironing or smoothing – Smoothing implements – Stretchers


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112103, 160380, D06C 308, D05B 3900




A fabric holder and method for maintaining fabric or other flexible planar members in a taut manner for sewing, stitching or embroidering thereon. The fabric is stretched across a portal frame in which the frame sides each have a base with an upward wave-like crest projection. A clamp receptacle receives the projection and fabric thereon to maintain the fabric sandwiched tightly in place. As stresses are applied to the fabric during sewing, the clamp exhibits the ability to rotate outwardly thereby applying a greater gripping force to the fabric to maintain it in place on the frame. After the sewing operation is completed, the clamps can be easily removed for fabric replacement by manually rotating them inwardly, toward the center of the fabric and thereafter lifting the clamp and fabric from the projection.

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