Electronic watch having braked stepping motor

Horology: time measuring systems or devices – Chronological – With mechanical or electromechanical driven display


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368157, 368204, 368218, G04B 1904, G04F 500




A miniature electronic timepiece whose analog-display time-indicating hands are driven by the rotor of a stepping motor actuated by low-frequency periodic timing pulses derived by frequency division from a high-frequency crystal-controlled time base. This motor, in addition to a stator coil wound on a core, includes an auxiliary coil wound on the same core to define a transformer whose primary is the auxiliary coil and whose secondary is the stator coil. To power the electronic watch, a voltage at a predetermined level is required, this being supplied by a converter formed by an electronic chopper interposed between the primary of the transformer and a d-c source whose output is at a different voltage level. The d-c voltage applied to the primary is periodically interrupted, the resultant a-c voltage yielded by the secondary being rectified to provide the desired power voltage. The rotor of the motor is braked immediately after the end of each drive pulse by means functioning to momentarily short circuit the stator coil.

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