Electrohydraulic actuating drive for valves

Fluid handling – With heating or cooling of the system – Air heated or cooled


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An electrohydraulic actuating drive for a valve is constructed as a compact drive block which is mounted on the housing of the valve. The drive block includes a support structure which supports other components of the actuating drive on the valve housing and which includes a storage receptacle for a low-pressure hydraulic fluid. The other components of the actuating drive are a hydraulic pump which draws the low-pressure fluid from the storage receptacle and discharges high-pressure fluid during its operation, an electric motor driving the hydraulic pump, a pressure storage receiving the high-pressure hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump, a hydraulic actuating cylinder-and-piston unit including a cylinder which is mounted on the support structure at the ends of the carrier members that are remote from the valve housing and a piston rod which extends centrally through the storage receptacle and is connected to the valve member of the valve, a force storage spring which urges the valve member in its closing direction and is accommodated in the storage receptacle, and an electro-hydraulic transducer. The high-pressure hydraulic fluid from the pressure storage is supplied to the actuating unit to operate the same. The storage receptacle has a tubular carrying circumferential wall which may be provided with channels therein which constitute a part of the hydraulic circuit of the actuating drive. The support structure further includes a base plate arranged at the end of the circumferential wall which is close to the valve housing and having a region radially protruding beyond the circumferential wall and having the pressure storage mounted thereon. The hydraulic pump and the electric motor are mounted on a cantilever secured to the circumferential wall of the storage receptacle. Cooling ribs are provided on the outer periphery if the circumferential wall. A lining surrounds the actuating unit cylinder with a spacing therefrom, and a blower forces cooling air through the spacing.

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