Corrosion inhibitors for cement compositions

Compositions – Preservative agents – Anti-corrosion


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252394, 252396, 106 1414, 106 1418, 106 1435, 106 1442, 422 7, 422 16, 422 17, C09K 300, C04B 902, C23F 1100




Compositions and methods relating to cementitious compositions are provided. The addition of an amidoamine that is the reaction product of polyalkylenepolyamines and short-chain alkanedioic acids or reactive derivatives thereof to cementitious compositions has been found useful in inhibiting the corrosion of ferrous metal articles in contact with said composition. The amidoamine is advantageously employed in combination with a hydrophobe compound that enhances corrosion inhibition. The invention also provides aqueous emulsions which contain the amidoamine, one or more hydrophobes, and an emulsifier for the hydrophobe.

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