Cleaning device for a mower cutting chamber

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A washing device is provided for removing debris from an underside of a mower having a multi-chamber cutting deck. The device includes a mounting apparatus allowing the device to be attached to a flange of the deck. Connected to the mounting apparatus is an assembly for dispersing liquid such as water and delivering the water to all portions of the underside of the deck. To accomplish this delivery, the assembly includes first and second liquid dispersion plates attached with each other and also connecting with the mounting apparatus to allow the delivery of water therethrough. Provided in one of the plates is a channel having divided end portions which elevate water upon contact so as to lift the water over an included cutting blade. Coupled with this plate is yet another plate enabling connection of the dispersion assembly to the deck and also providing a vent between the two plates. Creation of this vent then allows an emission of water reaching across the width of each of the included chambers. Interaction between an elevated distribution of water reaching across the width of the deck together with simultaneous engagement of the blades results in a swirling effect permitting water to reach the entirety of the deck underside.

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