Ceramic superconducting composition and process and apparatus fo

Superconductor technology: apparatus – material – process – High temperature – per se – Having tc greater than or equal to 150 k


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505734, 505781, 505778, 505785, 501123, 501126, 501152, 252521, 264 65, C04B 3550, A01B 1200




In a ceramic superconducting composition, Ag20 is added thereto in an amount of 0.1 wt. % to 70 wt. % per mole of LaBa2Cu3O3-.delta.. The critical current density of the ceramic superconducting composition is affected by heat treatment conditions. The critical electric current density of the ceramic superconducting composition is increased when it is prepared through heat treatment while controlling the partial pressure of oxygen in a heat treatment atmosphere in steps with successive stages including a temperature-elevating step, a sintering step, a temperature-lowering step, and an annealing step.

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