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Envelopes – wrappers – and paperboard boxes – Paperboard box – Box includes two side walls which are not formed from the...

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C229S122340, C229S143000, C229S157000, C229S198200, C229S223000

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A box includes an outer shell surrounding an inner sleeve having spaced apart first and second sleeve side walls attached to a sleeve bottom wall. A split sleeve top wall spaced apart from sleeve bottom wall defines spaced apart first and second open ends therebetween. Split sleeve top wall includes first and second sleeve sections separated by a sleeve split. Outer shell includes first and second shell side walls attached to a shell bottom wall and covering first and second open ends of inner sleeve. A shell top wall spaced apart from shell bottom wall includes first and second shell sections separated by a shell split substantially perpendicular to sleeve split. Flanges extend from shell top and bottom walls and first and second shell side walls along and bonded to outside surfaces of the sleeve side walls. The shell and sleeve are constructed from shell and sleeve blanks respectively.

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