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356318, 356445, G01N 2141, G01N 2155, G01J 330




A sensor uses the principle of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to monitor the progress of the reaction between a sample and a sensitive layer (for example an antibody layer). The layer is applied to the rear surface of a metallic film formed on the surface of an optically transmissive component in the form of a hemicylindrical lens and slide. Collimated light from a source is applied via a lens which focuses the incoming beam to a focus at a point to form a fan-shaped spread of light incident at the point. The light is internally reflected at the point, and emerges from the component to be applied to a dectector array which latter is electronically scanned. The angle of incidence of the light at the point is such as to span that angle which gives rise to surface plasmon resonance, together with a range of angles thereabout so that the progress of the resonant condition, as the reaction between the sample and the sensitive layer proceeds, can be monitored.

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