Bioadhesives for cell and tissue adhesion

Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology – Spore forming or isolating process


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4352401, 4352402, 43524021, 43524023, 435174, 435177, 435180, C12N 500, C12N 1100




A cell culturing system, methods for the preparation thereof, and methods for affixing other biologically active moieties to a substrate are provided. Said cell culturing system comprises: a substrate; a coating thereon of a sterile formulation comprising polyphenolic protein containing from about 35 to 100% by weight pure bioadhesive polyphenolic protein having the repeating decapeptide unit: ##STR1##
wherein N is a whole number ranging from about 10 to about 100, wherein each X is independently selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl and hydrogen, and wherein each R is independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen and methyl; viable cells affixed to said coated substrate; and a nutritive medium contacting said cells, whereby said cells perform normal metabolic cell functions.

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