B7-2: a CTLA4/CD28 ligand

Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series – Organic compounds – Carbohydrates or derivatives


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530350, 935 9, C07H 2100, C07K 14705, C12N 1512




Isolated nucleic acids encoding novel CTLA4/CD28 ligands which costimulate T cell activation are disclosed. In one embodiment, the isolated nucleic acid has a sequence which encodes a B lymphocyte activation antigen, B7-2. Preferably, the nucleic acid is a DNA molecule comprising at least a portion of a nucleotide sequence shown in FIG. 8, SEQ ID NO: 1. The nucleic acid sequences of the invention can be integrated into various expression vectors, which in turn can direct the synthesis of the corresponding proteins or peptides in a variety of hosts, particularly eukaryotic cells, such as mammalian and insect cell culture. Also disclosed are host cells transformed to produce proteins or peptides encoded by the nucleic acid sequences of the invention and isolated proteins and peptides which comprise at least a portion of a novel B lymphocyte antigen.

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