Apparatus for utilization of waste energy

Heat exchange – With adjustor for heat – or exchange material – flow – Branched flow


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55222, 55228, 55256, 55DIG36, 126299E, 165 27, 165 60, 165DIG2, 237 52, 237 55, 261151, 165107R, F23J 1100, F24C 1520, F25B 2900, F28F 2702




A gaseous source of waste energy, including heat, is passed through a gas to liquid heat exchanger and then a chiller to agitate a water bath and produce evaporation of water for cooling. The heated transfer liquid is passed through a heat exchanger to heat makeup air or the like, while, alternatively, chilled water from the chiller is passed through the heat exchanger to cool the makeup air. The source of waste energy, including heat, is normally a grease extraction ventilator mounted to receive fumes and heated air from cooking equipment. Any other source of waste energy is normally suitable, such as heated air which has risen to the upper portion of a large room or enclosure, such as an auditorium, theater, meeting hall or the like. The heated air removed from such a position is adapted in part to be recirculated, but all of it may be used to furnish heat for heating fresh makeup air. Several forms of chiller, including specialized double compartment chillers, are disclosed.

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