Apparatus for removing particles from water for sprinklers and t

Liquid purification or separation – Flow – fluid pressure or material level – responsive – Diverse sensing means


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61 25, 210158, 210161, 210416R, B01D 3302




A fine mesh, cylindrical screen is mounted on a cylindrical support lengthwise of a ditch and rotated about its axis. The screen is over half submerged, such as leaving 30% of its area above the normal water level. The rotating screen, at its downstream end, abuts the pipe through which the water flows to a pump for supplying the sprinklers.
As the screen rides up out of the water, the sediment clings to it. At the downstream end is a nozzle which discharges a jet of water to move the sediment longitudinally and to a position of engagement with a jet of water from a second nozzle spaced both longitudinally and circumferentially from the first nozzle. These nozzles are included in a series of nozzles which are similarly spaced to the upstream end, with the jet from the last nozzle moving the collected sediment to a position engageable by a suction nozzle just before the screen reenters the water.
A special dam downstream from the screen normally insures that the water at the screen will be at the desired level. However, this dam is actuated automatically, as through a periodic timing device and limit switches for a reversible motor drive. A cable is connected to the lower edge of a lower portion of the dam, which is pivotally connected to the upper portion thereof, in turn pivotally mounted. As the cable is initially moved, the lower pivotal portion of the dam will be moved upwardly to flush the lower portion of the stream first and thereby flush sediment collected beneath the screen. As the cable moves further upwardly, the lower portion engages a stop mounted on the upper portion, so that the two portions will then be moved upwardly together in unison, to flush the entire stream.

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