Apparatus for liquid chromatography for separating AIC component

Liquid purification or separation – With means to add treating material – Chromatography


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210 85, 210143, 210656, 422 70, 436 66, 436 67, 436161, 530385, 530413, 530416, 530417, B01D 1508




Stable hemoglobin ( can be separated from other hemoglobin components and quantitated in a short time by means of a liquid-chromatographic apparatus comprising a separation column packed with a packing material consisting essentially of a porous substance having a carboxyalkyl group combined thereinto, as ion exchanger, a means for injecting a sample into the separation column, a means for passing one or more eluents through the separation column, and a means for detecting hemoglobin, hemoglobin derivatives or glycosylated hemoglobin, the average particle size of the packing material in dry state being 4 .mu.m or less.

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