Apparatus for controlling indoor electromagnetic signal propagat

Electricity: conductors and insulators – Anti-inductive structures – Conductor transposition


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174 35R, H05K 900




A system for the establishment and control of an electromagnetic signal propagation environment containing a particular set of desirable radio frequency characteristics within a bounded area. The bounded area is typically either a business office environment or a residential environment. The electromagnetic signal propagation control system provides interference rejection by preventing electromagnetic interference signals from entering an enclosure to interfere with an enclosed communications system or by preventing signals generated by the enclosed communications system from exiting the enclosure and interfering with another nearby communications system. The system also customizes the electromagnetic signal environment to improve communications within interior areas otherwise blocked from signal propagation and to absorb signal reflections from interior surfaces that may cause interference for the enclosed communications system. In addition, the system selectively rejects or accepts electromagnetic signals passing into and exiting from the enclosure to permit desired radio frequency communications between a communications system inside the enclosure and a second system outside the enclosure. The system is installed by utilizing aesthetically appealing building materials comprising conductive, absorptive, reflective, or frequency selective electromagnetic characteristics.

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