Apparatus and method for making suture packages

Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus – With apparatus assembly or dismantling means or with idle part – Means permitting removal or substitution of elements during...

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Apparatus and method for making a plurality of different types of suture packages employ a mold with first and second opposing mold parts partially defining a mold cavity, at least one of the opposing mold parts has an opening therein communicating with the mold cavity. An insert is removeably inserted into the opening, to complete the mold cavity in a form suitable for molding a first type of suture package. An alternative insert is interchangeable with the first insert for completing the mold cavity in a form suitable for molding a second type of suture package. To make different suture packages, the mold is initially configured and used with one of the inserts to thereby make one type of suture package. The first insert is then replaced with the second, changing the mold cavity to form another type of suture package.

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