Adjustable roller assembly for sliding doors and the like

Miscellaneous hardware (e.g. – bushing – carpet fastener – caster – Panel hangers – travelers and/or tracks – Wheel mounts


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16105, E05D 1302




A roller assembly for sliding doors and the like includes a case adapted for mounting on the door and forming a cavity that is open at the end adjacent the sliding edge of the door, a carrier located within the cavity of the case and mounted for reciprocating movement relative to the open end of the cavity, and at least one roller journaled on the carrier adjacent the open end of the cavity and projecting beyond the case. A cam is journalled on the case, and a cam follower is provided on the carrier for adjusting the position of the carrier in response to rotational movement of the cam. The case comprises a unitary molded plastic member with the bearings for the cam being formed by a pair of opposed walls of the case, and the bearings open into a pair of slots extending continuously from the bearings to one end of the case for admitting the cam into the bearings as the carrier is inserted into the case. The case is sufficiently resilient to permit the opposite edges of each slot to be moved away from each other as the cam is urged into the bearings, with the opposite edges of the slots then returning to their original positions to hold the cam captive in the bearings. The cam forms an arcuate slot holding the follower captive therein and extending along an arc that is eccentric with respect to the axis of rotation of the cam, so that rotation of the cam in opposite directions moves the carrier in opposite directions within the case. One of the arcuate edges of the cam slots forms a plurality of detents for positioning the follower at selected locations along the length of the arcuate slot.

patent: 2944300 (1960-07-01), Swanson
patent: 3237238 (1966-03-01), Anderson
Wheel Unit Blue Print Submitted by Applicant as Prior Art.


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