Active matrix liquid crystal having capacitance electrodes conne

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349 39, 349 43, G02F 1136, G02F 1133




A liquid crystal display panel includes a plurality of signal lines Yj (j=1-N: total signal line number N) and a plurality of scanning lines Xi (i=1-M) arranged in a matrix pattern of N.times.M, and thin film transistors for switching signal inputs between a display pixel electrode C (i, j) and signal wiring Yj, disposed to correspond to respective intersections of the signal lines and the scanning lines, and auxiliary capacitance Cadd formed in an electrically parallel relationship with the display pixel electrode C (i, j) composed of liquid crystal. The auxiliary capacitance Cadd is formed between the scanning line Xi-1 controlling the display pixel electrode C(i-1, j) at a previous stage of the display pixel electrode C (i, j) and display pixel electrode C (i, j), and disposed n such a positional relationship that the display pixel electrode C (i, j) completely covers the scanning line Xi-1 at the previous stage in a direction of its line width in terms of a cross sectional construction. By the above arrangement, variations of the display pixel signal due to a leaking electric field from the gate line may be reduced.

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