Absorbable copolyesters of poly(ethoxyethylene diglycolate)...

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – From carboxylic acid or derivative thereof

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C264S210800, C424S426000, C424S497000, C442S351000, C528S271000, C528S272000, C528S300000

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A semi-crystalline, absorbable copolyester composition comprising the reaction product of a polycondensation polyester and at least one lactone, wherein the polycondensation polyester comprises the reaction product of diglycolic acid and/or a derivative thereof and diethylene glycol; and the copolyester comprises about 30 to 60% by weight of the polycondensation polyester based on the total weight of the copolyester. Also medical devices such as absorbable sutures comprising such copolyesters and absorbable microspheres comprising such copolyesters and methods of making of such absorbable microspheres.

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