Abrasion resistant, reinforced screen panel member

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Screen member for use in fixed or rotating screen support devices and in either a vibrating or non-vibrating mode for grading or dewatering comprises a first plurality of elongated, parallel surface wire members which are formed by extruding a resilient, abrasion resistant layer of elastomeric material completely around a core portion which is more rigid than the elastomeric layer. A second plurality of elongated, parallel support rod members arranged transverse to the first plurality are also formed by extruding a layer of elastomeric material completely around a more rigid core portion. The first and second plurality of wire members are bonded to each other at every intersection by a partial melting together of the contacting elastomeric layers under pressure. The melting is preferably insufficient to permit the core portions of the respective first and second wire members to bond to each other and produces a resilient joint at each intersection which enhances the ability of the screen to remain relatively free of lodged particles. The core portions of each of the first and second sets of wire members have a flexural modulus of at least 100,000 p.s.i. Blinding of the screen is minimized by having the open space between adjacent support rods at least 10 times greater than the slot width between adjacent surface wires.

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