A1N sintered body containing a rare earth aluminum oxynitride an

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264 65, C04B 35581




A sintered body is formed by mixing an aluminum nitride powder with an oxide of Dy, Pr, Nd, Sm, or mixture thereof, and, optionally, an oxide of Eu, Ce, or mixture thereof, to form an admixture and heating the admixture in a non-oxidizing non-reducing atmosphere to a temperature for a time sufficient to densify the admixture to greater than 90% of theoretical, wherein the sintered body contains about 1.4 to about 4.0 mole percent of the rare earth element according to the equation, ##EQU1## where M is the rare earth element, O is oxygen and MO.sub.1.5 is a rare earth oxide in which the rare earth element has a valence of .sup.+ 3 with the proviso that the amount of Ce, Eu, or mixture thereof, is at most about 55% by moles of the rare earth present in the body as expressed by MO.sub.1.5.

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