A method of preparing grain cakes

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426445, 426447, 426454, 426461, A23L 118, A23R 114




An improved grain cake, method and apparatus. In the prior art, rice cakes have been made by heating a predetermined quantity of rice grains in a hermetically sealed chamber at superatmospheric pressure and then expanding the heated rice grains while they are confined to the chamber by abruptly releasing the superatmospheric pressure such that the confined, expanded grains bond together to form a self-supporting mass. The improvement of this invention comprises pretreatment of cereal grains, including rice, wheat, rye, corn and the like, by steaming the cereal grains to bring them to an effective temperature to partially gelatinize the starch therein and to maintain the cereal grains at the effective temperature for an effective period of time to produce a desired degree of expansion when puffed in a conventional rice cake machine. The resulting grain cakes have increased expansion and reduced fragility over those made by prior art pretreatment methods.

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