90.degree. Sweepout cylinder with adjustable stroke

Glass manufacturing – With means above mold to take-out or transfer product


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92 13, 92 137, 198490, C03B 904, B65G 4700




Apparatus for moving newly formed glass containers from a cooling dead plate to a moving machine conveyor in which the ware is engaged by a finger, with the finger being generally horizontal and engageable with the container at a point on its sidewall which best suits the moving of the container by a sliding motion. The finger, or fingers in the case of plural containers being simultaneously moved, is moved through an arc approximately 90.degree. with respect to its vertical axis, moving the containers from the dead plate to the conveyor and then the finger is retracted out of contact with the containers on the conveyor. After retraction, the finger-mounting mechanism which takes the form of a generally horizontally disposed cylinder is moved back through 90.degree. to a position opposite the position of a dead plate where the finger is then again moved outward and rotated about the axis of the cylinder mounting. In this fashion the containers are moved onto the conveyor. In this mechanism an improved mounting cylinder is described which provides adjustability with respect to the extent to which the finger members are moved, such adjustment being easily made by movement of a single threaded bolt. The motor or drive cylinder contains a relatively short stroke piston motor which, in turn, through a gear cluster, drives racks supporting the finger mounting system. The mechanical advantage of the gear cluster is such that a short stroke of the piston results in a fairly long stroke in the rack drive for the finger.

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