360 degree rotatable ratchet socket drive body tapered for...

Tools – Wrench – screwdriver – or driver therefor – Rigid jaws

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C081S176200, C081S060000, C081S121100

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A total wrench structure consisting of two mated structures in combination with a drive tool for the manipulation of fastener heads. A ratchet gear is contained in the first structure of a shape suitable to be slidably mated and loosely locked thereunto the second structure which contains a means for torquing introduction and implementation by a drive tool. The total wrench structure can be applied in a piecemeal fashion onto the fastener head in a restricted working space and the choice of drive tool elements that may attach to the second structure axially allows its user to mitigate the aforementioned restricted space while effectively applying the appropriate torque into the total wrench structure applied onto the fastener head. The total wrench structure is capable of 360 degree unrestricted working rotation.

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The Stanley Works—Online Tool Catalog—Jun. 7, 2007.


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