3, 6-diphenylcarbazole compound and organic...

Electric lamp and discharge devices – With luminescent solid or liquid material – Solid-state type

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C257S040000, C257SE51047, C313S506000, C428S690000, C428S917000, C548S440000

Reexamination Certificate



A 3,6-diphenylcarbazole compound, which has a specific formula and realizes an organic electroluminescent device having high durability and high luminous efficiency. An electroluminescent device which includes an anode; a cathode which faces the anode; and at least one layer including a luminescent layer, optionally a hole transporting layer and an electron transporting layer, which is located between the anode and the cathode, wherein the at least one layer includes the 3,6-diphenylcarbazole compound.

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Machine assisted translation of JP 2000-286056.
Machine Assisted Translation of JP 2000-286056, (2000).


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