[21-leucine] human urogastrone, corresponding gene, correspondin

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435320, 435253, 536 27, 530309, 530324, 935 10, 935 13, 935 27, 935 73, C12N 1500, C12N 120, C07H 1512, C07K 710, C07K 730




[21-Leucine] human urogastrone, hUG, comprising a polypeptide represented by the specified amino acid sequence has been found to be equivalent to the known hUG which has 21-Met and is disclosed together with its syntheses. Double-stranded polydeoxyribonucleotides comprising a structural gene for expressing the hUG, a recombinant plasmid comprising a structural gene for expressing the hUG, and E. coli transformed by the recombinant plasmid are also disclosed. Thanks to the substitution of Met in the known hUG by Leu, the peptide of hUG can now be produced by a conventional or typical method in which a genetically engineered precursor fused polypeptide is cleaved by cyanogen bromide at Met in the fused polypeptide.

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